A guide to staying Safe in Morocco


Top Tips for Staying Safe in Morocco

Many people around the world considering visiting Morocco have some worries about their security. Morocco is a Muslim country, and therefore dressing conservatively - or in a japaba (body length robe with pointy hood) is recommended. You want to talk down the street and get a few 'Nice Jalaba!' comments. You can buy one in a number of places in the medina, but make sure you spend around 100 - 120 Euro on one. These will be 100% cotton, hand made, and will be something you can wear for life. Well worth investing in as a souvenir or gift to yourself and something hard to get outside of Morocco.

There is no problem with terrorism, as although it is a Muslim country, it is also a monarchy and the people believe the king has a direct blood connection with their prophet. He is therefore well liked by all and his position is accepted, making the country free of terrorism.

Moroccan police are not bound by the same laws as Western cops, and so getting on the wrong side of the law is a bad idea in Morocco. Many people will try to sell you many things in the market, but don't accept as you don't know who they are or what their agenda is. The best things to buy in the market are tea sets, rock crystals, magic lamps, spices, food and souvenirs. You can also buy many carpets of varying quality. Moroccan shop keepers are very forthcoming (pushy) with tourists and becon them into their shops, sitting them down, and getting some Moroccan tea ready. This is hard to refuse, and watching some of their demonstrations is interesting. However, don't feel pressured to spend and don't be afraid to haggle.

The people of Morocco are very warm and welcoming. In the main market you will find monkeys and cobras doing shows and Henna ladies who will grab your arm and start Henna tatooing you without permission. Cab drivers charge you 'what you have' unless you expressly ask. Guides are always willing to take you to shops and will ask for some money in return. The shop usually pays them so there is no need. Keep your wits about you and your valuables tucked away while out and about. Sample the local food. Enjoy the sunshine and you will have a great time.

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