The Capaldi Hotel guide on what to pack


Fashion Tips: Top Things to Pack on your Moroccan Adventure

Welcome to The Capaldi. Here are our tips for girls on what to take with you on your Moroccan adventure. When many girls go on holiday they are excited about laying in the sun, sipping drinks, and exploring new places they also look forward to wearing more fun, interesting looks that you would typically only wear on an exotic vacation.

Tassel Everything

Tassels are so much fun, but especially for a place like Morocco. There are a million places to buy authentic leather bags and tasselled tops and clothes when you are there, but why not pack some anyway! For some reason, a little fringe makes me feel more like I belong on an island and in the sun.

Fun Patterns

Fun Patterns go hand-in-hand with the tassel looks. When I’m in a new, exotic place, I like to wear new, exotic feeling clothes. I’m excited to wear a few crazier patterns that I would probably never be caught in around. When you are away, it doesn't matter. You worked hard for that tan so show it off!

Off The Shoulders

Off the shoulder looks are a summer staple for me already, so I’ll for sure be bringing some with me on my trip. Despite all of the fun, interesting looks I want to try, it’ll be good to have a few familiar looks around, and off the shoulders are my favorite for feminine looks in the sun

Lace Up Sandals

Not really fitting for a stroll around the block in England, but in Morocco these wouldn't look out of place. The brown and reddish colours will compliment the Red City well!


Obviously, I’m not going on vacation without some great travel bags and quality sunnies. I’m also throwing in some neon jewellery with lots of beads that I can wear with my swim suits and feel beach-ready.

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